With or without submerged shutter

Hull swimming pools with submerged cover box

Aboral presents its models of mini shell pools, ideal for smaller gardens, quick to install (4 days maximum!), so you can enjoy sunny days with your feet in the water!



Available colors

Mini Pool
Pure white
Mini Pool
Azure blue
Mini Pool
Mini Pool
Mini Pool

Shutter colors available

Mini Pool
Mini Pool
Light gray
Mini Pool
Mini Pool
Dark gray
Mini Pool
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Space saving

Saving space of course, whether you have a small garden or a small courtyard, you too can have a real relaxation and convivial area installed around the swimming pool with massage jets or even sports sessions thanks to a system of swimming against the current.


Medium-to-long-term savings, because mini shell pools also mean less expensive installation, fewer cleaning products, in short aquatic pleasures without breaking the bank.

Reduced formalities

Reduced formalities, indeed for a swimming pool of less than 10m² you do not need to make a declaration of work to the town hall, you can even in certain cases consider an indoor swimming pool always available and heated.

Gone are the days when you absolutely had to have a large lot to have a swimming pool at home! Now, with 50 m 2 of garden, it is quite possible to build a swimming pool and enjoy swimming moments with family or friends.

Round , square or even rectangular swimming pool … The shapes, like the equipment, adapt to the architecture of your house to allow you to enjoy the swimming pool of your dreams.


For the past ten years, the inground mini-pool has been attracting more and more owners. And for good reason, this small pool – whose dimensions do not exceed 10 m² – has many advantages. Starting with its size! Indeed, its surface has nothing to envy to larger volume pools.

Like large pools (buried or semi-buried pools), 5×2 mini-pools can be personalized as desired. If among the standard models we find round , square or even oval mini-pools, nothing prevents you from opting for a custom-made pool with a free shape. Designed from scratch to meet your aesthetic needs and wishes, it offers a modern design and a very special uniqueness to your home or patio.

Whether you opt for an above-ground or in-ground mini pool , you can choose from wooden pools (pool kit), concrete pools (liner, mosaic), steel or prefabricated polyester shell pools. Flat or inclined bottom, again, it will be up to you!


Are you planning to install a 10m 2 swimming pool in your small garden, but you don’t know which model to turn to? At Aboral Piscines , you have the choice between two shell pool models: the Fiji and the Papeete (the latter having the largest size).

To know which mini-pool to install in your small spaces, you can first take different measurements in your garden in order to have an idea of ​​the space available for the installation of your pool. Once the surface area has been determined, you can choose your shell pool model with the help of our team of experts’ recommendations.

Choosing this type of pool means enjoying the same benefits as a large pool… At a lower price! Indeed, a small swimming pool will cost you less to buy, but also in terms of maintenance and upkeep (treatment product, robot cleaner, heat pump, etc.).

But the advantages of the mini-pool do not stop there: by opting for one of our two models, you will not need to apply for a building permit or a declaration of work from your town hall. . Indeed, for swimming pools with an area of ​​less than 10 m², no administrative formality is necessary.

In terms of maintenance and water filtration, polyester shell mini-pools are a wise choice. Easier to maintain and filter than large pools, it will require less time and less treatment products. Perfect for people who are chilly at the idea of ​​spending hours cleaning the water in their swimming pool!

Choosing our models also means taking advantage of the different specificities of your small shell pool : integrated submerged cover, Aboral kit (bottom drain, floating hose, skimmer(s), brush socket, etc.), choice of the color of the hull, etc. You are sure to find the pool of your dreams that will delight the whole family during swimming or spa activities!


Like large swimming pools, the budget for a small pool depends on several criteria: chosen model, additional accessories and equipment (submerged cover, heat pump, safety device, sand or cartridge filter), additional layout (installation of copings in wood or stone, technical room), installation of outdoor showers, etc.

To get a precise idea of ​​the price of a mini-pool, directly request a quote for your mini-pool construction project !

You will have understood it: installing a mini-pool in your garden or terrace is not reserved only for small plots, but also for people who wish to have a design, modern and accessible space when they want it for their nautical activities (swimming, spa). So what are you waiting for?