Asin Aqua Salt Automatic Pool Chlorinator & PH Pool Management System

The ASIN AQUA Salt is a high-quality swimming pool salt chlorine generator and automatic dosing system. It operates by converting salt added to the pool into chlorine. The system includes a salt electrolysis cell that is connected to the pool water. When electricity is passed through the cell, it produces chlorine from the sodium chloride in the pool water. To maintain the desired chlorine level, the system automatically activates and deactivates the cell as needed.

Additionally, the ASIN AQUA Salt is equipped with two dosing pumps for pH control and algaecide. It is internet-enabled, allowing for remote monitoring of pool chlorine, pH, and temperature through a smartphone or the internet. The system features a user-friendly color touch-screen control panel. It also includes a flow meter that detects when the pool circulation pump is running, ensuring that dosing only occurs when the water is flowing.

The ASIN AQUA Salt is suitable for private or small commercial pools with a water volume of up to 90m3 for covered pools and 60m3 for uncovered pools. For larger pools, an additional salt generator cell (Asin Salt) can be connected. This automatic dosing system effectively measures and regulates chlorine and pH levels in both indoor and outdoor pools and spas. It is suitable for domestic or small commercial pools, with the free chlorine model recommended for commercial pools.

The system continuously monitors chlorine and pH levels in the pool and automatically adds the necessary chemicals to maintain the desired levels. The touch-screen control panel allows users to easily set the desired level and monitor the current chlorine and pH levels in the pool.

Asin Aqua Salt Management system

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