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How to clean a fibreglass pool, remove Yellow stains and White build up

Ensuring the pristine allure of your fibreglass pool is vital to preserving its luxurious charm. Beyond its enduring quality, fibreglass pools offer ease of maintenance.

Let’s delve into essential insights to keep your pool immaculate.

Addressing Waterline Issues

Combat the formation of rings by adjusting the pool filter to accelerate its function. Clear the water by running the filter and introduce chlorine to eliminate debris. For visible ring stains, use a sponge and dishwashing soap or opt for pool tile cleaners for lighter stains.

Efficient Empty Pool Cleaning

While cleaning an empty fibreglass pool is simplified, unnecessary drainage is avoidable. Utilise specially formulated cleansers to maintain the pool’s cleanliness. Swiftly address light stains to prevent them from intensifying.  If you find your pool is showing signs of fading, pump out half of the water and you will notice the sun/UV rays will remove this issue.

Tackling Stains with Precision

Brown stains in and around your fibreglass pool are an indication of iron build-up. If the rust stains are small, rubbing a Vitamin C tablet directly on them should make them go away. Use a brush to scrub the stains and your pool will be good as new. However, if the rust stains are bigger or more persistent try rubbing a chlorine tablet directly on the stain.

If there is copper in the water, you may see turquoise stains in your pool. You can use pool cleaners to make these stains go away.

Acid Washing Without Draining

Discover the possibility of acid washing your fibreglass pool without draining it. Ascorbic acid facilitates this process, but monitor pH levels and alkalinity post-cleaning.

Proactive Stain Removal Tips

Embrace commercial products, ceramic or vinyl cleaners for stain removal. Exercise caution with abrasive cleaners to avoid damage. Oxalic acid can remove stains but might cloud the water.

Tips for Year-Round Pool Maintenance

Fibreglass pools, known for ease of installation and maintenance, demand less cleaning. Maintain balanced pool chemicals, routinely test water, and use a quality filter pump. Regularly empty the skimmer basket and employ a pool cover to minimise debris, optimising the need for cleaning.

Prompt Stain Clean-up

Swiftly address stains to preserve the aesthetic appeal. Various pool cleaners aid in keeping your pool spotless and sanitised.

Pool Cover Wisdom

Consider investing in a quality pool cover to prevent debris accumulation, reducing the frequency of cleaning sessions.

Tailored Products for Fibreglass Pools

Safeguard your pool’s longevity by exclusively using products designed for fibreglass pools. Avoid harsh chemicals and stiff-bristled brushes that may compromise the pool’s surface.

Streamlined Fibreglass Pool Maintenance

Maintain a consistent cleaning routine to ensure your fibreglass pool remains pristine and inviting year-round.


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