plain and Metallic Shimmer colour options

Beautiful Colour options to enhance your perfect oasis

At My Pool Direct, we believe that the perfect colour for your pool is the one that mirrors your unique lifestyle. Our exclusive fibreglass pool colour selection empowers you to personalise and customise your very own My Pool Direct swimming pool. Expressing your individuality has never been simpler, thanks to our top-tier gelcoat colours that not only captivate attention with their dazzling diamond-like brilliance but also establish the gold standard for exceptional UV, blister, and chemical resistance performance.


Elevate your outdoor space with our exclusive offering – the Shimmer Sky Blue special edition. Embrace the innate brilliance and glistening allure it brings, establishing an ambiance that guarantees an unforgettable day by the pool.


The top pick among our colour choices, celebrated for its invigorating and cool aesthetic. An audacious, lively hue that beckons you to immerse yourself in its refreshing waters.

Discover the allure of our stunning metallic sapphire blue pools. With their captivating hue and exquisite design, our pools have become a popular choice among those seeking the perfect blend of elegance and relaxation.

metallic shimmer graphite grey

The hue of this pool evokes the tranquility of an idyllic paradise escape. To numerous individuals, it symbolises purity, serenity, and a more laid-back perspective on life by the water’s edge.

plain Light GREY

A popular choice from our selection of plain colour finishes. Renowned for its rejuvenating and visual appeal. A daring and spirited shade that entices you to plunge into its revitalising waters.

Light grey pools have gained popularity for their understated elegance and versatility. Their neutral hue complements various architectural styles and landscaping designs, providing a modern and timeless look.

plain light blue

Light blue pools are a popular choice for their tranquil and inviting ambiance. The soft, aquatic hue evokes a sense of calm and serenity, creating a relaxing oasis in your garden.Β 

reflections Mettallic colours

Metallic shimmer reflection pools are a captivating choice for those who desire a touch of luxury. These colours feature special finishes that imbue the water with a mesmerising, metallic finish, which sparkles in direct sunlight. This unique and enchanting effect not only adds an element of luxury but also creates a dynamic visual appeal that transforms your pool and garden into a true centerpiece.Β 

3D - Metallic Black
3D - Metallic Black
3D - Metallic Emerald
3D - Metallic Emerald
3D - Metallic Blue
3D - Metallic Blue
3D - Metallic Grey
3D - Metallic Grey
Reflections Light Grey
Reflections Soft Grey
Reflections Whi Tepool Colour
reflections Ivory
Reflections Light Green Pool Colour
Reflections Light Green
Reflections Light Blue Pool Colour
Reflections Azure Blue

reflections plain colours

Plain color reflection pools exude a charm through their simplicity. These pools embrace a single, solid colour, whether it’s a serene blue, a classic white, or a tranquil green. Their unadorned elegance creates a clean and minimalist aesthetic that complements a variety of architectural styles and landscapes. Plain color reflection pools are all about understated beauty and the purity of design, allowing the water’s surface to mirror the surrounding environment, providing a serene and peaceful ambiance. With their unassuming yet sophisticated appeal, these pools offer a canvas for your outdoor space, inviting relaxation and contemplation in an uncomplicated and soothing setting.