Water Feature / Curtain

Our array of water features serves as both a visually appealing and functional enhancement to any swimming pool. These features can be customised to seamlessly integrate with your pool and its surroundings, contributing to the creation of an ideal pool environment.

Within our selection, you’ll find water curtains available in various widths, decorative cascades crafted from stainless steel, and innovative waterfalls made of ABS. Additionally, we offer pressurised water cannons with interchangeable nozzles that can produce captivating mushroom or umbrella effects. For added elegance, our collection includes ornamental fountains that guarantee your pool becomes a truly spectacular focal point. Whatever your preference, our diverse range of water features ensures that you can tailor your pool’s aesthetic to reflect your unique style.

Our prices exclude VAT which must be added at 20%.  Note that we have financing options available to assist with the purchase of any of our Swimming Pools or associated products.