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The DRIGLIDE, a market-leading innovation, unquestionably stands as the pinnacle of technological advancement in safety covers available today. It serves as an indispensable addition to any newly designed in-ground rectangular pool. The DRIGLIDE, with its under-coping system, offers pool owners the trifecta of safety, debris control, and heat retention without compromising the pool’s aesthetic appeal in any manner.

Our beam-assisted cantilever system’s installation ensures that the in-ground cover housing not only provides a safe surface for jumping and diving but is also designed to be seamlessly integrated with the surrounding pool area. This integration results in the cover becoming virtually invisible, appearing identical to the other three sides of the pool. This visual continuity is achieved through our patented winding extrusion and the tensioned leading edge ‘super Cam,’ which eliminates the need for a front beam, making the DRIGLIDE the only automatic swimming pool cover that vanishes completely when not in use.

Once installed, operating the system is effortless, as it can be controlled discreetly via a panel, requiring just the turn of a key and a press of a button.

Hydraulic Electric Safety Covers

Dripool is the exclusive designer and manufacturer of automatic swimming pool safety covers in the UK. They take great pride in their commitment to producing and installing top-tier equipment while delivering unparalleled service and aftercare. You might wonder, ‘Why choose a Dripool Cover?’

All the covers are crafted from robust and long-lasting polyester-reinforced PVC, housed in purpose-built enclosures. They utilise anodized aluminum tracks in all the systems for enhanced durability. These covers are operated by sturdy stainless steel cables, ensuring both strength and reliability.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a British-made automatic pool cover that guarantees safety, heat retention, significant savings on chemical and heating expenses, as well as effective debris control for your existing or planned pool,”

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Electric Safety Covers
Electric Safety Covers
Electric Safety Covers

The combination of 30 years Design & Manufacturing experience of Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers.

Technical Specification

Electric Safety Covers


Extremely strong 600gsm Polyester reinforced PVC. All high frequency (Hf) welded construction. Available in 16 different colours.

Electric Safety Covers


UNCOVER1NG - Unique Patented WINDING EXTRUSION ensures perfect retraction everytime.

COVERING - 316 Stainless Steel 7 x 19 winch cables. pulled around brass pulleys with Stainless Steel bearings, for longevity & reliability.

Electric Safety Covers


Hydraulic Motor, driving through double a ting mertial Dog Clutch, for Automatic Uncover & Cover selection.

Electric Safety Covers


Key Switch Security. with Push & Hold actuation. Control circuit 12v DC Selv (Safoty Extra Low Voltage) circuit.

Electric Safety Covers


Aluminium 6063, anodized and ·caled to AA25 ensuring stnmgth, longevity & durability

Electric Safety Covers


HERMAN - Super Safe 12, OC selv system (Power Supply included in control circuit), deployed on the cm er when (ht; pool is fully covered, automatically removes rain as it falls.

Electric Safety Covers


Colour Coded. unique adjustable leading edge, for a tailored finish, allowing use of radius or square cornered pool & coping


Electric Safety Covers


Composite Stainless Steel tapered hatches for ease ofremoval & close til for invisihility. Designed for Paving infill.

The Future of Under Coping Automatic Pool Covers

Designed to fit SQUARE or RADIUS cornered pools and coping stones. Suitable for TILED or LINER pools.
UNIQUE DESIGN & installation allows for normal use of pool equipment. i.e. P rail ladders, slides automatic pool cleaners etc.
Electric Safety Covers

PUSH BUTTON operation panel with KEY SWITCH for SAFETY.

Electric Safety Covers

HERMAN SUPER SAFE 12v rainwater removal system. Prevents a build up of water on the cover. (25mm of water on a 5m x 10m cover weighs about 1.5 tonnes)

Electric Safety Covers
Electric Safety Covers
Electric Safety Covers


Electric Safety Covers

COLOUR CODED LEADING FRONT EDGE provides a neat clean finish when covered or uncovered

Electric Safety Covers
RIGID INVISIBLE HOUSING PLATES, BRACKETS & DECK FITTINGS enable flush fully paved pool surround with no up stand. Allows for normal use of housing edge and means the housing can be at either end of the pool.
TRIED & TESTED Patented winding technology, hydraulic drive, stainless steel bearings & cable ensures RELIABILITY & LONGEVITY


Uk Pool &Amp; Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

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