About my Pool Direct

The MY POOL DIRECT team has been in the Swimming Pool & Leisure Industry for over 15 years and has a combined wealth of knowledge to help you choose the ideal swimming pool for your back garden. View our awards and accreditation page.

MY POOL DIRECT’s website presents many fibreglass pool structures and bespoke swimming pools. In some cases, we can even fabricate over-size swimming pools on-site at the client’s address. In addition to this, MY POOL DIRECT sells and distributes swimming pool enclosures in both low-level, medium-level, and high-level profiles. You will find everything you need to complete your swimming pool purchase for your garden.

The warmer Summers in the United Kingdom are significantly increasing sales, so we suggest everyone plans well in advance. MY POOL DIRECT will also, on occasion, have swimming pool packages, “in-stock”, ready for immediate delivery.

MY POOL DIRECT offer you the best prices with no middlemen involved! We have all of our deliveries transported to our storage site in the UK where we then transfer the clients swimming pool onto our vehicles with hi-ab lifting cranes. The pools are then delivered to our clients. MY POOL DIRECT can also ship by ground vehicle throughout Europe.  

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements, no matter how demanding or customised we would be very happy to provide you with a competitive quotation tailored for your needs.

My Pool Direct Stocks and sells Garden Swimming pools and Pool Enclosures, Our delivery partners Webster Miller offer a great delivery service. Access permitting they can deliver your luxury swimming Pool using their state of the art hi-ab crane.

Please feel free to call with your requirements.

There are several reasons why people should visit a swimming pool showroom, including the ability to see and try out different pool models and features, receive expert advice and information on maintenance and upkeep, and get an idea of the costs associated with owning a pool.

Additionally, visiting a showroom can help people make an informed decision about which pool is right for them and their lifestyle.

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About My Pool Direct