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Dura Polymer Pool from My Pool Direct

Witness the Beauty and Durability of one of our Dura Polymer Pool Installations: A Stunning Oasis for Endless Summer Fun!  Please see the video below.

examples of dura polymer pools

Dura Polymer Skimmer Pools

Our skimmer pools adhere to a standard design, featuring dimensions with a maximum length of 12 meters and a maximum width of 4 meters. The pool shells are equipped with vertical supporting ribs measuring 10 mm, along with a stabilising collar of the same thickness positioned at the top of the pool. Additionally, 8 mm steel reinforcement rods are strategically placed in two lines on each side of the pool.
Although both lines function as skimmer pools, they exhibit subtle distinctions. The PREMIUM series distinguishes itself through added features such as horizontal supporting.




The Bespoke Dura Polymer Infinity Pool, also known as a deck-level pool, where the water level sits to the surface edge. Overflow Pools do not require Coping edging stones. These premium pools will give the impression of an edge-less infinity swimming pool, just like those picturesque continuous water pools one sees when traveling abroad. Benefit from one of these stunning pools in your own back garden!

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Overflow Swimming Pools

My Overflow Pools showcase an exceptional design that harmoniously combines the benefits of skimmer and overflow swimming pool systems. This pioneering concept merges a elevated water level with straightforward construction preparations. The adaptability of a one or two-sided overflow, situated on either the shorter or longer edge, empowers clients to maximise the use of the pool’s near-complete depth.

Personalise your pool to perfection by choosing the ideal size, shape, depth, and color. My Pool Direct offers a diverse range of options, enabling you to tailor your new overflow swimming pool to effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Dura Polymer
PLUS Pools

Bespoke Dura Polymer PLUS premium swimming pools offer so many advantages over many other Swimming Pool options available for their unsurpassed quality, modern technological advancement, and craftmanship. Even though they are Bespoke Swimming Pools they can also feature a roll away Pool Cover

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Dura Polymer Mini

Customize your relaxation pool to
your needs.

All our Relaxation mini pools can
be connected to the heat pump.

Do you prefer no chemicals in your pool? Choose a saltwater treatment unit.

If you don´t have enough space for a bigger pool, you can use a swim jet for swimming sessions.


Bespoke Lap Pool

Bespoke Family Pool

Hydrotherapy Dog Pools

50 Year Material Life!

We highly recommend our Bespoke Polymer Pools as they are manufactured to a very high standard are virtually indestructible and produced in Europe.

Our Polymer Overflow and Skimmer Pools offer a FIFTY YEAR life expectancy for the Shell material

Reasons why you should buy a polymer-constructed swimming pool ...

Bespoke Dura Polymer
Dura Polymer is a revolutionary polymer developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests.

Dura Polymer features high colour stability and UV stabilisation. Its benefits also include maximum mechanical resistance and strength, extending the material’s lifetime to 50 years.

Dura Polymer is frost-resistant and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. It has no harmful effects on health, as attested by certification for drinking water.

Why Choose Polymer?

  • Puncture resistant Dura Polymer has at least five times higher resistance against puncture (impact resistance) than ordinary forms of polypropylene.
  • Highly UV Resistant Dura Polymer features high resistance to UV radiation and has a long lifespan.
  • Heat Resistant A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance. Dura Polymer can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.
  • Environmentally-Friendly Dura Polymer PP has no harmful health effects. It complies with EU health regulations for food as well as being certified for drinking water.
  • Swimming Pool Production Technology Dura Polymer Swimming Pools are made of basic construction elements in the form of boards and rolled straps. Joints are made by means of extruded hot-air welding, with excellent final joint strength – higher than the strength of the material itself! Reinforcements and ribbing along the perimeter of the pool ensure its fixed and stable shape.
Dura Polymer Bespoke Pool

Dura Polymer Bespoke Swimming Pools

MY POOL DIRECT can offer Dura Polymer Custom Swimming Pool On-Site Fabrication to those that have limited access or no way of having a crane to their site.

We can now offer an extra-large or custom-designed Dura Polymer Swimming Pool to be built on-site – in your back garden, no matter its size. Our team will arrive on-site once we have delivered all of the pool materials, they will then start to build the pool from the ground up within the excavated hole.

The hole will have to be excavated with a flat level concrete base for our team to start. This service is available in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe!

Dura Polymer Bespoke Pool

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