Swimming Pool Enclosures

Swimming Pool Enclosures

MY POOL DIRECT sells and distributes a wide selection of Bespoke Telescopic Swimming Pool Cosmos Range Enclosures and Retractable Pool Enclosure Boxed Kits for your one-piece inground pool throughout the UK and most EU countries.

Please Contact Us if you require custom lengths, panel sizes, doors, or bespoke enclosure options, such as colour, accessories, or installation recommendations. Some pool enclosures can be used as child safety devices

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Cosmos bespoke Range

Swimming Pool Enclosures have grown extremely in popularity over the last few years. With this boom, the choice of designs and alternatives to be had has also multiplied. The low profile, tracked Safety enclosure designs are preferred for many of our customers. This is specifically due to their ease of use, outstanding performance and low cost. Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures and Retractable Pool Enclosure Boxed Kits for your one-piece inground pool throughout the UK and most EU countries.

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Luna luxury Range

You can be sure of receiving the very highest quality products from our multi-award winning range of patio and pool enclosures. Their innovative design and high functionality have been endorsed by experts worldwide. RELIABILITY Our swimming pool enclosures and patio enclosures stand the test of time, as we only use extremely durable, high-quality materials in our construction. So sure are we of their durability, that we offer up to a 15-year warranty.

Dallas B Clear Pool Enclosure

Albixon boxed Range

Albixon telescopic pool enclosures represent a cutting-edge solution for pool owners seeking to enhance their swimming experience while optimising pool maintenance. These enclosures are engineered with precision and innovation, featuring a telescopic design that allows for effortless opening and closing, effectively transforming an outdoor pool into an indoor oasis or creating an open-air swimming environment. Albixon's enclosures are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide numerous practical benefits.

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Uk Pool &Amp; Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

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