Bespoke Dura Polymer Lap Pool

Bespoke Dura Polymer On Site Over Size Lap Pool

You are an active swimmer who likes to swim lengths to keep in shape? 

Then why not install a pool at home that is designed especially to swim those lengths. MY POOL DIRECT will be glad to help you purchase and plan the lap pool of your dreams.

You can have your lap pool installed at any desired length because My Pool Direct only sells the best Dura Polymer Bespoke swimming pools, and we do so without limits. We can even adjust the width so that two people can easily swim side by side.

This lap pool is designed to facilitate swimming lengths of the pool. It is a popular choice for those who are health conscious and like to stay fit. It’s also perfect for the children. They will have ample space for playing in the pool. Everything can be modified to suit your tastes and preferences!

Our consultants will be happy to direct you with the custom pool installation in your back garden with a deck or pavers. That way you can still enjoy your lap pool after swimming. Your pool becomes an integral part of your back garden.

Characteristics of the lap pool:

  • Sleek look
  • Longer and narrower than a regular swimming pool
  • Enough space for two people swimming side by side
  • Strong and lasting Dura Polymer construction

If you entrust the sales and service of your swimming pool to MY POOL DIRECT, you will receive the best quality in return.

To meet the customer’s requirements, we offer online and phone customer support. If you have a serious problem with your lap pool, we will help you get it straightened out.

50 Year Material Life!

Dura Polymer is a revolutionary polymer developed by a team of our technologists and verified by a number of laboratory tests.

Dura Polymer features high colour stability and UV stabilisation. Its benefits also include maximum mechanical resistance and strength, extending the material’s lifetime to 50 years.

Dura Polymer is frost-resistant and offers excellent thermal insulation properties. It has no harmful effects on health, as attested by certification for drinking water.

Why Choose Bespoke Dura Polymer?


Dura Polymer has at least five times higher resistance against puncture (impact resistance) than ordinary forms of polypropylene.

UV Resistant

Dura Polymer features high resistance to UV radiation and has a long lifespan.


A huge benefit of this material is its heat resistance. Dura Polymer can be used continuously at temperatures of -40 to +70 °C.

Environmentally Friendly

Dura Polymer PP has no harmful health effects. It complies with EU health regulations for food as well as being certified for drinking water.

Production Technology

Joints are made by means of extruded hot-air welding, with excellent final joint strength – higher than the strength of the material itself! Reinforcements and ribbing along the perimeter of the pool ensure its fixed and stable shape.

PLAIN Pool Colour Options

Plain Blue Pool Finish By My Pool Direct
Grey Pool Finish By My Pool Direct
Sand Pool Finish By My Pool Direct
White Pool Finish By My Pool Direct

Reasons to choose My Pool Direct

Premium Pool Quality

My Pool Direct is a UK supplier of high-quality, durable garden swimming pools. Each attractive pool has been manufactured by a team of experts, promising a lengthy lifespan.

Pricing and Finance Options

My Pool Direct always offer affordable prices without compromising on quality. We have also introduced a finance option, so you can spread the cost of your new swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Experts

We have an exceptional team of swimming pool experts. Our customer service will always go above and beyond to ensure you have the best buying experience from start to finish.

Choice, Stock & Delivery

My Pool Direct look after the UK Market exclusively for some of Europe’s leading Manufacturers and aims to carry as much physical stock held in the UK for immediate delivery.

Uk Pool &Amp; Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

Buy with confidence from us! My Pool Direct has won the UK Pool & Spa Awards for three years in a row. This was for quality, price, and customer service.