Various types of Swimming Pool Covers

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On occasion, swimming pool covers can be overlooked, however, they play an integral part in your swimming pools safety and maintenance. There are various types of pool covers available. Therefore, deciding which one to choose can be daunting.

Within this blog article, we are going to explain the difference between the covers. We will also outline what each one can offer in the way of safety, retaining heat and keeping pollutants at bay.

Benefits of using a swimming pool cover

 Whilst a cover can be purchased for aesthetic reasons, it is important to understand why they are necessary.

Whether you use your swimming pool all year round or use it during warmer seasons, a pool cover will help keep the water clean whilst not in use. Simply remove the cover and jump in without having to clear away leaves and unwanted insects.

Without a cover, the chlorine will have to work harder to break down pollutants, therefore using more of the chemical far quicker.  Rather than having to remove the debris yourself, investing in a pool cover will save you time and inconvenience.

Benefits include:

  • Additional heat retention
  • Less chlorine use
  • Water loss prevention
  • Helps prevent your filter from becoming blocked through the build-up of debris
  • Extra peace of mind that loved ones are kept safe

Winter Pool Cover

winter pool cover is designed for use during the colder months when the weather is unpredictable. Swimming pools are less likely to be used during this time. Winter covers are particularly popular for outside, inground pools.

The winter cover is usually a mesh layer that is secured around the pool. Not only will it prevent the water from becoming too cold, but it will also stop unwanted debris from falling into the pool.

The main disadvantage of a winter pool cover is that it isn’t designed with pool safety for children and animals in mind.  You would need to consider this when choosing the right cover for you and your family.

Swimming Pool Covers

Solar Pool Cover

A solar heat retention cover is invariably the most cost-effective solution.  Even if you are still deciding on a long-term cover, a ‘bubble cover’ can help in the meantime by retaining heat and keeping out debris.

Due to the thin material, the sun’s rays will penetrate the air bubbles in the solar cover, keeping your pool’s water warm.  You will have a choice of various thicknesses.

Solar covers are not suitable for children and animal safety as they will not take the weight.

Indoor Pool Covers

An indoor swimming pool cover is designed to protect your pool and the environment surrounding it.  These covers have foam integrated into them, which helps retain heat.  The thicker the foam, the better results!  When leaving your indoor pool uncovered, you will start to notice an increase in evaporation due to the higher temperatures.

Foam covers can be used on a reel or roller.  They are fixed on the end of your pool and, in most instances, are controlled manually.  They are not designed with child and animal safety in mind.

Electric Slatted Cover

A slatted pool cover is made using slats that run along the entire width of your pool. The design provides a much more robust finish compared to other types of covers.

MY POOL DIRECT supplies a range of pools that include an integrated electric cover. They are operated electrically, speeding up the process, leaving you more time to enjoy your swim.

Whilst the slatted covers are robust, they are generally used to just protect your pool from the elements. They can also be slightly more costly than other covers.


Various Types Of Swimming Pool Covers

Safety Pool Cover

Safety pool covers are the perfect solution for the safety of children and pets, whilst also gaining the other benefits of a standard cover.

If you have a young family as well as animals, their pool safety is paramount. A safety cover is designed to withstand a certain weight should a child or animal accidentally fall onto the pool whilst not in use. MY POOL DIRECT always recommend supervising children when near the pool.

There are various types of safety covers. Some sit on a track, ensuring the pool is completely covered and protects against falling debris. Another type is a bar safety cover. They are the more cost-effective solution whilst being robust and withstanding harsh elements.   They are also easy to install and operate.

Various Types Of Swimming Pool Covers

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We have a helpful team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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