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Chlorine Free Swimming

Natural swimming pools, also known as natural swimming ponds, are a growing trend in the world of outdoor recreation. Unlike traditional swimming pools, natural swimming pools do not use chemicals to maintain water quality but rather rely on a balanced ecosystem to keep the water clean and healthy for swimmers. In this blog, we will explore what natural swimming pools are, how they work, and some of their benefits.

What are Natural Swimming Pools?

A natural swimming pool is a man-made body of water that mimics a natural body of water such as a pond, lake or river. It is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem where water is purified naturally using plants, bacteria, and other organisms. Instead of chlorine and other chemicals, natural swimming pools use a natural filtration system that keeps the water clear and safe for swimming.

How Do Natural Swimming Pools Work?

Natural swimming pools use a two-part system to filter the water: the regeneration zone and the swimming zone. The regeneration zone is where plants and microorganisms live and work to purify the water. The swimming zone is where people swim and play.

The regeneration zone is typically located adjacent to the swimming zone and is filled with aquatic plants such as cattails, water lilies, and other plants that help filter the water. The plants absorb nutrients and other contaminants from the water, while bacteria and other microorganisms break down organic matter.

The swimming zone is where people swim and play. It is separated from the regeneration zone by a barrier that allows water to flow back and forth between the two zones. The swimming zone is typically lined with a rubber or concrete liner and may have a separate filtration system to remove any debris that enters the pool.

Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

There are several benefits to choosing a natural swimming pool. First and foremost, natural swimming pools are much better for the environment. They do not use chemicals that can harm plants and wildlife, and they do not contribute to the build-up of chemical pollutants in the water.

Natural swimming pools can also be aesthetically pleasing. They blend in with the natural surroundings, and the aquatic plants and wildlife that inhabit them add to their beauty.

Additionally, natural swimming pools are safe for swimmers. Chlorine and other chemicals used in traditional swimming pools can cause skin and eye irritation in some people with sensitive skin. Natural swimming pools, on the other hand, are free of these chemicals.

In conclusion, natural swimming pools offer a great alternative to traditional chlorine pools. They are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and safer for swimmers. If you are considering building a swimming pool, consider a natural swimming pool as an option.

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