Asin Aqua Chlorine & PH Automatic Pool Dosing System

The ASIN Aqua automatic pool dosing systems offer a user-friendly touch-screen dosing system at an affordable price. These systems are suitable for both private and small commercial swimming pools with a water volume of up to 250m3. For commercial pools, it is recommended to use the optional free chlorine probe. The touch screen display provides a simple and intuitive interface for measuring and regulating the chlorine and pH levels in your pool. Whether your pool is indoors or outdoors, this automatic dosing system constantly monitors the chlorine and pH levels and automatically adds the necessary chemicals to maintain the desired levels. The easy-to-use touch screen control panel allows you to set the desired level and keep track of the current chlorine and pH levels in the pool. Additionally, the system features a flow switch that prevents dosing when the pool circulation pump is off and there is no water flow to the probes. The ASIN Aqua system utilises liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) to increase the free chlorine level and acid (sulphuric acid) to lower the pH.

Asin Aqua Chlorine & PH dosing system

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