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Albixon Boxed Pool Enclosures are renowned for their innovative design and exceptional functionality, serving as a perfect solution to enhance your pool area. These enclosures offer a sleek and modern appearance, seamlessly integrating with your pool environment. They are meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to various weather conditions. Albixon’s boxed enclosures provide a controlled and clean pool environment, free from debris, leaves, and insects, while also retaining heat to extend your swimming season. Whether you’re seeking an elegant shelter or a practical solution for year-round pool enjoyment, Albixon Boxed Pool Enclosures deliver both style and substance, creating an inviting and versatile space for leisure and relaxation.

Please Contact Us if you require custom lengths, panel sizes, doors, or bespoke enclosure options, such as colour, accessories, or installation recommendations. Some pool enclosures can be used as child safety devices

Please Note:  A basic delivery charge is included in all of our prices.  There may be an additional charge depending on your location.  If you require a hi-ab crane to assist on the day of delivery, an extra charge will be applied.  We will need prior notice of this and information regarding any access concerns.  If you are not requiring a hi-ab crane, you will need to ensure you have a minimum of five people on site to assist unloading from the vehicle.


The Klasik enclosure creates a timeless accessory for your pool that never goes out of fashion. It fits perfectly
into the overall concept of any garden and allows you to swim under the pool enclosure even in bad weather.
The typical round shape and affordability of this model makes it one of the most popular types of enclosure, not
only here but throughout Europe. It is a classic model, but there is nothing dull about it. Thanks to its tasteful
minimalist design and high-quality construction, the Klasik gives each pool a sophisticated look.


The enclosure, does not only increase the temperature of the water, but also the safety of your children and
pets. If you buy a pool with an enclosure, there is no need to worry about your kids falling into the water. If your
kids are the resourceful type, then even in this case you can rest easy. All our quality enclosures are equipped
with a child safety lock, which can stop even the biggest scallywag.


The climatic conditions that prevail in our country in the summer months are often unstable and, in the worst
case scenario, this weather can end the holiday atmosphere sooner than expected. Besides this, you will enjoy
games in the pool much longer than your neighbour, and at the same time heat your water for free. With a pool
enclosure the water temperature can be increased by about 8° C.


Are you worried that the acquisition of the pool will
also mean a lot of trouble and that you do not have
enough time to take proper care of it? Are you tired of
never ending running around the pool to remove dirt
or drowning insects from it? Even in this case, your
enclosure will bring nothing but benefits. To a very
large extent it prevents dirt from falling into your pool,
which guarantees a higher hygienic water quality. And
so in connection with this you not only save time but
also a considerable amount of money for pool


The acquisition of your own pool is often expensive
and everyone will definitely appreciate some ways to
save on its operation while also maintaining its
lifespan and water quality. And this is exactly why a
pool enclosure is one of the best helpers. It not only
protects against UV rays, thus reducing the dissolution
of chlorine in the water so you’re not force

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UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021 - Winner

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