Cosmos Range             

Cosmos Range Low Line

A low pool enclosure will allow you to swim freely in your pool either open to enjoy the cooling breeze of a summer’s day or enclosed to protect you against elements at colder times of the year. The crystal-clear polycarbonate panels that our pool enclosures are made of, does not restrict the view of the landscape of your garden whilst making it possible to enjoy a free swim in a protected, pleasant and comfortable environment.When direct sunlight hits the panels, even on cloudy days, the diffused rays permeate the enclosure, warming the area inside. Please take a moment to look at the available styles and various colours.


A swimming pool enclosure offers a fantastic way to safeguard your pool and prolong the swimming season. With top-quality materials and comprehensive UV protection, our enclosures are an ideal choice for any outdoor area. These enclosures are designed to slide along a guiding rail, providing effortless mobility according to your requirements. Additionally, you have the option to choose concrete, paved, or decked foundations to suit your preferences.

Enclosures resistant to weather conditions

Cosmos Range Low Line

Sliding doors

Movable through trolleys mounted on a special rail. They can be placed on any side.

Cosmos Range Low Line

Rail extensions

In order to fully enjoy your pool you can extend the rails and slide the enclosure modules over the edge of the pool.

Cosmos Range Low Line

finishing elements

All of the finishing elements are made of stainless steel. Aesthetic and practical.

Cosmos Range Low Line


Handles make it very easy to disassemble the front wall and reposition enclosure modules.

doors and modules

Cosmos Range Low Line
Cosmos Range Low Line

profile colours

Two basic colours to choose: DB 703 Anthracite and RAL 9007 Grey

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